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BBC Indonesia

The new BBC Indonesia site is claimed to be the first responsive Asian major news site.

Working off the BBC News codebase, we have produced a localised version of the site.

This blog post written by Tom Maslen encompasses many of the features I worked on.

Also got a small mention on the BBC Internet Blog.

BBC Hausa

This is the second site we have released.

The one thing that is different (excluding the obvious translations, sub-indexes, etc) is the link to "Bidiyo" (Video) on the index page, which links back to a restyled old stack page. This is an interim solution while we get our video pages working.

Technologies used:

  • HTML5, CSS3
  • Sass
  • Responsive mobile-first
  • Lightweight/high performance
  • PAL
  • Forge platform
  • Automated testing (Cucumber, QUnit, PHP unit tests)
BBC WS Responsive