BBC WS Olympics Live Action Feeds

Client: BBC


Achieving 1.6 million page impressions on story pages alone, the Olympics Live Action Feeds module was the most popular of all the Olympics related projects built by the BBC World Service team during this year's games.

The module comprised of five main components:

  • Coming up — Displays the time until the next five events, highlighting any which are under 15 minutes.
  • Latest gold medalists — A progress bar shows the total number of gold medals won; and on hovering over the white circle, a popup box displays the name, country and event of the latest gold medalist.
  • Medal table — Displays the medals won by the top five countries.
  • In detail — A personalised medal table showing a select list of countries selected by that language service.
  • Full medal table — A medal table containing all the countries whom have won medals

This was my first project working for the BBC.

Technologies used:

  • Supports 27 languages
  • Left-to-right and right-to-left
  • jQuery/AJAX data manipulation
  • JavaScript accordion
  • XML feeds
BBC WS Olympics Live Action Feeds