My forte is in LAMP stack web development.

I am proficient in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL.

Coming from a visually-oriented background, I have a keen eye for design and have a good understanding of UX and UI.

I also have strengths in front-end performance, SEO and semantics.

For my latest personal, industrial and freelance work, please go to my web projects.

GitHub — my open source projects

AlphaSpeed — AlphaSpeed is a game to test your typing ability, in speed and accuracy.
Blackjack — Blackjack written in Javascript
Caffeination — Android application developed for my EL640 Mobile Application Design module during my final year at university.
checkbox-hack-polyfill — A Javascript polyfill for the checkbox hack in IE5, IE7 and IE8.
CSS-Marvel-Logos — Marvel logos made with pure CSS.
deviantART-API — Use deviantART's RSS/XML feeds as a CMS to dynamically embed deviation galleries on your website.
deviantART-Gallery-Plugin — Embed your deviantART gallery with this Javascript plugin.
fontstackcompat — A script to check whether specific fonts are installed.
getOrientation — A PHP function to detect whether an image is portrait or landscape.
jalproductions — My personal portfolio.
lift-logic — Fed up with the lifts at work, I wanted to see how difficult it is to program the logic of a lift.
mysql-voting-system — A PHP voting system using MySQL.
RTL-Sass — Mixins and functions to easily flip your CSS styles from Left-to-Right (LTR) to Right-to-Left (RTL).
simpleslider — A vanilla Javascript and CSS3 slider.
tjyfilms — TJ's freelance portfolio as a video producer, editor, camera operator.
workshop-queue — A tool to help students request assistance from the lecturer, assistants and demonstrators during workshops.
YoungGrafters — A limited edition, street couture brand.

Flash / ActionScript

I worked with ActionScript 2.0 since 2005. I first produced a maths game for children as part of my school curriculum. From then onwards I produced my own games and animations as a hobby until 2009.

In my second year of university I learnt ActionScript 3.0 and developed a portfolio showcasing my work.

I also produced my portfolio for applying to universities in Flash using ActionScript 2.0. Take a look.

Further Experience

Visual Basic was one of the first programming languages I learnt, mainly because it was easy to understand and ran on Windows machines without needing a compiler.

I learnt to write small programs making use of the SendKeys command to automate keypresses and build macros.

Learning C++ was part of my first year at university. I learnt from the basics of basic arithmetic up to our final project which was to produce a cypher program.

Java was also part of my first year at university. I created basic applications which drew out shapes and allowed user interaction, followed by applets running in an internet browser.

Software Development in my second year taught me basic OOP principles and how to write simple C# Windows applications.